ENJMIN : National School of Engineers in Interactive Medias

Client’s issue:

ENJMIN is a major school for video game. Needs: Attracting students, displaying their projects and achievements on a web site complying with National School of Engineers graphic chart.

AUplaisir’s answer:

-Visual identity design,
-Graphic Bible design,
-Ergonomic search,
-Visual characters issued from student’s production included for immediate impact,
-Graphic design of buttons to convey video games & multimedia codes,
-Playful use of logo,
-Development of site,
-Production of site

Output: A strong professional identity for ENJMIN with a lively website widely used by multimedia engineers students.

Expertise: Project management, UX/UI design, Development.

Strategic thinking & content organization: Hubert Pattieu,
Developement: Jonathan Blanchet.

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