MON ŒIL : web-TV for the children at the Centre Pompidou

Client’s issue:

Centre Pompidou is Paris contemporary arts center. It produces a weekly web-serie designed for children aged five and up. Each episode lasting around 10 minutes provides a series of short videos about design & visual arts.

AUplaisir’s answer:

– Differentiating design.
– Quality content.
– Connection with audience.

In collaboration with Stéphane Kiehl, project’s AD, we produced dozens of short videos of an alert and complicit character which make comments, tells stories and enlivens a series of animations on a whole range of themes linked with creation. We also produced a lively and smart teaser displayed in theaters, on social networks and in the Museum. AUplaisir designed an Android App widely used at Children’s book fair in Montreuil.


Expertise: art direction, illustration, motion-design, front-end Java development, project management.

Visual identity and illustrations: Stéphane Kiehl,
Filmmaking: Stéphane Kiehl + AUplaisir,
Motion-design: AUplaisir + Romuald Broda + David Bonenfant,
Music: Charlie Nguyen Kim,
Voice-over: Christophe Salengro.

See online (Centre Pompidou)

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